Golfers have the same problems as everyone else whether participating in recreational activities or spending the majority of the day sitting and being inactive. It is often due to poor core muscle control, poor flexibility and strength or overuse . Remember last issue we need to have our core muscles under control.

It is very interesting that the golf pros have exercise specialists to help improve their flexibility and strength , but we recreational golfers prefer to play golf to get into shape.

We need 60 % or greater of active lumbar motion to play golf adequately, professionals have 90 % plus.   I have treated many injured recreational golfers with 30- 40 % active lumbar and hip rotation. This increases the risk of injury greatly.

Most of us recreational golfers have poor to very poor lower extremity flexibility.

Sit on the floor legs straight and knees on floor and toes straight up, bend forward and with both hands grab your feet , if unable to grasp at least the ankles you fall into the poor phase.

If you fall into these areas you are at an increased risk of an injury, the worse you are the more the risk increases that you will have a back injury some time.

The recreation department offers many exercise classes. If you are not meeting minimal exercise recommendations of 150 minutes of exercise weekly according to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Check out a few of the exercise classes being offered and pick one of them to attend weekly .  Attend it weekly for six weeks . Then select another class more challenging for six weeks and keep advancing improving your fitness level. You will enjoy your golf much better knowing your physical condition is improving reducing your risk of a back injury.

Next issue I will discuss different fitness tests to determine your fitness level.