DON’T: Try to stop the fall , especially if you are older.

GOAL: spread the impact over as much of your body as possible, such as your butt, thighs, and upper back to soften the fall

The Backward Fall:   Go limp.  Tuck your chin to your chest, try to get your body(especially your butt) closer to the ground.  Bend your knees into a deep squat, so you land on your butt, then round your spine and roll unto your back & shoulders.  Keep your arms across the chest, out of harm’s way.

DON’T: fall on the bony part of your hip, which is how hip fractures occur.

DON’T: plant your arm down when landing, could break your shoulder, ellbow, wrist.

DON’T: look up or extend your neck which will guarantee that your head hits the ground first.

DON’T: stick your arms out behind you to catch yourself may result in broken wrist.

DON’T go stiff and stick your arms our straight in front of you.  Falling onto an outstretched hand most cause of wrist fracture.

PLEASE DON’T GET RIGHT UP: Assess any cuts,bumps, & possible breaks to reduce the risk of further injury.