Basic Fall Recovery Technique: If you are able to do so, roll yourself over onto your stomach, ease yourself up onto your hands and knees, and then try to crawl to the nearest chair, couch, or your bed. We’ll use a “chair” as an example here. Begin by kneeling in front of the chair. Place both hands (or elbows if need be) on the seat. Then, bend the knee of your strongest leg, drawing it upwards, followed by placing your foot flat on the floor. Next, push down through your arms on the seat while using your bent leg to give you leverage to aid in standing up. The basic fall-recovery technique can be viewed in this video.

MacGyver-Style Techniques: If you are unable to get up using the standard fall recovery technique, then it is time to turn on your MacGyver-style thinking and find a way to use the things around you to aid you in getting up from the floor. See Video: How to Get Up From the Floor MacGyver-style!