The following  tests  can measure flexibility/strength to determine your fitness level whether to participate in recreational activities or maintaining overall health  indicating your flexibility and strength levels.

RECOMMEND:  Testing yearly (BIRTHDAY) to attempt to maintain flexibility/ strength and cardiovascular strength. This gives one an indication of their physical condition.


IMG_0025IMG_0021Hamstring flexibility:Sit on the floor legs straight and knees on floor and toes straight up,touching the wall.  Bend forward with both hands and touch the wall if unable to place hands on the wall you fall into the poor category.




Upper back Flexibility:  Lie on your back with the legs out straight.  Lift both arms overhead and touch the floor with the arms and elbows without arching the back. The further from the floor the arms the greater the limitation and increased risk of shoulder injury.

Anterior Thigh Flexibility:  Lie on your stomach with one leg straight ,bend the other knee taking the heel  and touching the buttocks. The greater the distance the heel is from buttock ,greater susceptibility to knee pain with golf..

IMG_0006       IMG_0007

Back Extension Flexibility: Lie on stomach, arms vertical from shoulders, hands under the shoulders.  Raise up and straighten arms(push-up) keeping the hips flush with the floor or within 2” of the floor. Greater the distance from the floor, greater risk of back injury.

IMG_0009      IMG_0010

Back Extension Strength: Lie prone with arms at side.  Slowly raise head and shoulders. Keep head in neutral position with chin tucked. Measure  from the floor to chin.  If less than  8″ to 10”, back extension strength deficit evident.           

IMG_0016     IMG_0018  

Abdominal Flexion Strength: Lie supine on the floor with knees bent at 60 degree angle, extend arms forward towards the knees, slowly raise head/shoulders and chest reaching arms over the knees and come to sit-up position. If unable to complete without snapping up reveals core muscle weakness.

Hip Rotation Flexibility:  Sit on floor  Bend one knee to right angle and place on floor. With the other leg extended put  it over the foot of the bent knee. Measure the distance of the bent knee  to the floor.If over 3 “ hip rotation is limited. Proper hip rotation very important in swing speed and distance when hitting the ball.       


Pelvic Tilting Standing:  Stand in golf set-up position.  Arms crossed across the chest.  Exxhale and pull up on pelvis,and pull the belly button up and back towards the spine, imagine your pelvis is a bucket and pull up on the bucket.  Ihale and relax the pelvis.  Do not raise or elevate the chest. Repeat 10 times or more. 










Push-Up Test for Ages 60 to 70 Years  MEN 18 Reps / Women 16 Reps.  

Place hands under shoulders,slowly straighten arms,  Do not lock elbows.  Return to starting position. Continue until able to straighten arms.




sit to stand test             


30 Second Sit To Stand Test: Ages 60 to 70 years

 Men 17 Reps /Women 15 Reps




30 Second Arm Curl Test: Ages 60 to 70 years

Women W/ 6 # 13 to 18 Reps / Men W/ 8# 16 to 21 Reps