By simply varying your exercise routine, you can improve the health benefits of your workout..overcome boredom  and reduce the risk for injury.

If you are a walker, add high-intensity interval training(HIIT).  Whether you frequent outdoor walking or use a treadmill, walking is one of the best forms of exercise.

To maximize the benefits you need to ramp up your speed or incline or resistance if you are using a treadmill.  The regular walking routine may feel like a 5/10  during HIIT intervals, you should feel like you are exercising at a 7/10  or 8/10.  The variety makes a low-intensity, steady walking exercise more interesting and fun. People who have fun when they are exercising are  more apt to stick with it.

Walk at a comfortable warm-up pace for 3 to 5 min, then alternate 60 seconds at normal pace with 60 seconds at a faster pace based off your target heart rate(review from last week’s health tip). Do a 3 minute cool-down at a slower pace at the end of your walk.

You need to know the speed of your walking by counting steps. To determine your speed, count steps for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 to determine your steps per minute.  This is helpful if you walk on the treadmill, you can walk at the same speed outdoors. 

                         StepsPer Min                            Miles per hour

                                75                                                    2.5 m/h

                                100                                                 3.0 m/h

                                125                                                  3.5 m/h

                                135                                                  4.0 m/h   

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