More people are complaining of elbow pain with unsuccessful treatment. Based on our lifestyle, of sitting more with computers, smart phones, increased eating, etc it is reasonable to have more problems due to our poor head posture and rounded shoulders  However, many health care practioners  just treat the complaint of elbow pain with injections, manipulation and bracing without improvment.

At the initial evaluation the practioner should look above the elbow at the shoulder and below at the wrist. Due to poor sitting posture, etc shoulder inpingement is occuring due to increased pectoralis muscle tightness.

Go To Common Shoulder Exercises and Disorders.  Click on the lengthening exercises to improve flexibility.  Many times rotator cuff strength  deficits are evident.  Click on strengthening exercises to reduce rotator cuff  strength deficits.

Checking wrist flexibility  often reveals limited wrist flexion due to excessive forearm tightness.The wrist should flex downward to 90 degress , less than that denotes tightness, affecting the wrist tendons.. Stretch the muscles by holding the  stretch 30 seconds,rest 10 seconds repeat 3 reps. Then ice massage the forearm muscles from the wrist to the elbow and the pain site at the elbow for 5 minutes moving the ice constantly.  Repeat the stretching exercise  Repeat 2-3 times daily. 



When pain starts subsiding initiate strengthening exercises.Bend elbow, keep it against side .Grasp golf club rotate palm up, hold 5 sec, rotate wrist down hold 5 sec.  Repeat 10 reps. As strength increases use 5 # Do both arms. 3x weekly for 30 days