Individuals should be able to stand from sitting in a chair without using the arms. Failure to do so indicates weakness in lower extremities.  This weakness indicates higher risk to a fall. 

The Purpose of the test  to assess lower-body strength needed for numerous tasks such as climbing stairs, walking, getting outof a chair, tub or auto.

Description: determine the number of full stands from a seated position that can be completed in 30 seconds with arms folded across the chest. Brace chair against wall.  Sit in middle of chair  with feet flat and arms crossed.On “go” rise to full stand then return to seat continue for 30 seconds Scoring:  Number of total full stands 


    Age 60-64   65-69     70-74    75-79     80- 84    85-89     90-94

Sex  M – F     M – F     M – F     M – F     M –  F      M – F      M – F

Reps 23  21   23  19    21 19    21  19       19  18     17  16     16  16

Excellent exercise for strengthening trunk and lower extremities by doing on a daily basis for 30 seconds until able to match the reps above.