A recent article in the Villages Daily Sun by Charln Fargo, a registered  dietitian with Southern Illinois University Med School, Springfield Illinois.  revealed interesting information. 

Researchers at the University of California and San Diego State University studied over 4800  women age 65 or older living independently.None were diabetic.  Participants wore a device that recorded their steps 24 hours daily for one week. The participants health  was monitored for seven years.   8% of the 4800 women developed diabetes. 

The participants averaged 3,729 steps daily. 1,875 were light intensity steps.  1,845 steps were higher intensity steps, increasing heart rate and breathing  slightly.

Researchers reported for every 1,000 steps participants took, results showed a 6% lower diabetes risk. If additional 2,000 steps  daily were taken, it could result in a reduction of diabetes risk by 12 %.

If 500,000 older adults , who are newly diagnosed yearly would increase their walking daily by 2,00o steps and the 12% figure is correct could result in 60,000 older adults may not suffer from diabetes.

Mark Hyman, MD discussed  a recent study measuring increased glucose spike  with individuals wearing a glucose monitor following drinking a coca cola one day and the next day drinking a coca cola and walked immediately after. The results revealed  if individuals walked for a short time, the increased spike was 33%  % less than drinking the coca cola and remaining inactive.  The results  showed walking less than one hour after drinking the coca cola revealed  lower decreased spike, from drinking the soda and remaining inactive.

 Reduce the diabetes risk?? SIT LESS..MOVE MORE…..

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