LEVEL 3 Sports specific exercises relate to the playing motions and movements in golf.

Practice these exercises prior to playing or when practicing golf. apply these exercises when practicing at the driving range and during th game. Initiate the exercise in a proper golf stance, observing proper spine angle.  Inhale to initiate the exercise.  Exhale with the rotation starting from the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, shoulders. At the same time stabilize the pelvis by pulling the belly button up and back to the spine (pulling up on the bucket). Rotate to the end range and hold 5 seconds.


Level 3 Trunk Rotation at Shoulder  Level

. Attach small rope W/ big knot around tubing insert the rope W/ knot into doorway and close the door. Grasp the tubing using golf grip, stand in golf stance. Extend arms and rotate trunk at the same time stabilize pelvis W/ breathing out, breathe in to relax.Hold 5 sec. Repeat 10 reps. Turn around and do opposite side.



Level 3 Trunk Rotation at Waist Level

Attach tubing as above in doorway @ waist level. Stand in golf stance with hand close to the door grap tubing and place hand at belly button, holding it constant. The other hand place on the opposite shld. Rotate the trunk leading W/ hip as in golf swing. At the same time pull the shld around to increase trunk rotation Stabilize pelvis and breathe out@ the same time as the trunk rotation is initiated.Rest and breathe in. Repeat 10 reps. Turn around and complete on the opposite side.





Level 3 Trunk rotation at Lower Level

Attach tubing in doorway @ shoe level.grap tubing in golf grip , stand in golf stance, rotate trunk duplicating the golf swing @ same time stabilize pelvis breathing out ,breath in to relax. Repeat 10 reps. Repeat on opposite side.




Level 3 Golf Swing W/ Shoulder Flexion & Trunk Rotation

Attach one handle onto left foot take tubing around the right foot.  Grasp handle with two hands . Rotate trunk and take both arms up over head as engulf swing..  Hold for 5 seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 reps.  Change one handle to right foot and repeat 10 reps. Inhale during rest/exhale during resistance.