LEVEL l .  .  Stretching is held 30 seconds , usually 2 to 3 reps. You should not experience increased pain with stretching exercises.  Back off and stretch to the edge.  Also, you should not get cramping when stretching.

Warm up muscles  by biking.walking 10 -15 minutes before stretching

Initiate core stabilization with each stretching exercise.Breathing out during the stretch, breathing in to relax.  stretch time 10 to 12 minutes

Level 1 Hip Abduction Stretch

Hip abd stretch

Place left foot on right knee with the right hand pull the left knee over until a stretch is felt in the  left buttocks.  DO NOT OVERSTRETCH. Hold for 30 seconds Alternate legs for 30 seconds.  Repeat 2-3 times.


Level 1 Hamstring Stretch Supine

Place belt around the foot and pull the foot towards you and push the heel to the ceiling. Straighten the knee and raise  the leg slowly, stop when the knee starts to bend.  It is not how high you go but how straight . Straighten the knee and drive the heel towards the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds.Alternate legs 2 reps.



Level 1 Hamstring Stretch Sitting

Sit with left leg straight, hang right leg over edge of bed. place belt around ankle if unable to grasp ankle and keep knee straight with both hands. Take belt around the ankle and tighten with both hands, walk the hands down the belt until the knee starts to bend.   Hold the stretch 30 seconds.  If able to grasp ankle with both hands and keep knee straight hold for 30 seconds.  Alternate legs . Repeat 2 reps

Level 1 Yoga Childs Pose

Level 1 Child’s yoga pose

Get on hands and knees, bend at the waist slide hands forward, try to sit on heels.Lengthening the spine. breathe out and pull belly button to spine.Hold for 30 seconds  Relax 10 seconds and breathe in.  Repeat 3 reps



Level 1 Trunk Rotation

Reach for the ceiling with the arms  keep knees and ankles together.  Rotate arms in one direction turning head with golf club rotate legs in opposite direction change direction  repeat 10 reps



Level 1 Dog/Cat Stretch on 4’s

Get into a quadruped position, shoulders over the hands, hips over the knees.  Inhale to prepare, exhale and stabilize the pelvis, pulling the pubic bone to the ribs and pull the belly button towards the spine(core stabilization).Hold 10 seconds. Repeat 10 reps

Level 1 Side Bending W/ tubing

Stand on tubing feet shoulder length away Grasp tubing  Bend sideways sliding left arm down towards knee hold 10 seconds. Repeat with right arm hold 10 seconds.  Repeat 10 reps






Level 1 Hip Abduction Stretch Sitting

Sit in a chair and bend forward at the waist, keeping the back straight with the head on the shoulders not the chest. Grasp right leg both hands and pull towards opposite shoulder on the knee until you feel stretch in buttocks/hip  Hold for 30 seconds. breathe out pull the belly button  the spine  Alternate legs Repeat 3 reps

Level 1Hip Rotation Stretch Sitting

Level 3 hip rotation stretch sitting

Sit in a chair and bend forward at the waist keeping the back straight with the head on the shoulders not on the chest.Cross the right leg over the left leg with the ankle above the knee. Push down on the ankle and pull on the knee. breathe out pull the belly button to the spine  Hold for 30 seconds. breathe in and relax for 10 seconds.  Alternate legs  repeat 3 reps


Level 1 Stretch Pectoralis Musculature Standing

Grasp tubing behind the back, stretch arms backward to feel stretch on anterior chest.  Hold 30 seconds Rest 10 seconds.  Contracting the abdominal during the hold phase. Repeat 3 reps.




Level 1 Pectoralis Stretch Standing

Insert attachent shown in picture above or take small piece of rope or cloth and tie it around the tubing and insert in door opening and close the door to hold the tubing.  Walk forward with arms straight until stretch is felt in anterior chest. learn forward to achieve greater stretch.  Hold for 30 seconds while breathing out and pulling belly button to the spine, rest 10 seconds breathing in.  Repeat 3 reps.