As we start a new year, 2019  it is amazing how many of us think more about our weight and weight loss. Here is summary of article from journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism which followed 2,224 over weight adults on low-calorie diets for eight weeks and found men lost 16 % more weight than women. Researchers also found men experienced larger differences in fat mass and heart rate: women had bigger reductions in hip circumference.

Men have more lean body body mass, which fires up their metabolism.  A higher metabolism means you burn more calories.

Men have more fat in their bellies, losing that fat, called visceral fat, also increases their metabolic rates, burning more calories at rest.

Losing subcutaneous fat in the hips,thighs and buttocks..where women tend to hold the weight..has no impact on metabolic rates.

A 2017 study followed 419 participants who lost at least 10% of their body weight in the previous year.  After two years, women regained more than 24% of their original weight, compared to 16% for men.

The study revealed, both men and women had decreases in their blood glucose level and no longer had pre-diabetes: reductions in body mass index.  Women who followed the low-calorie diet reduced their HDL (good) cholesterol and lost bone mineral density and lean body mass.  Thus, women had weaker bones and less muscle than men after losing weight.

The Bottom line:  Focus on progress and don’t give up