Vibrating foot bath:  Soaking your feet in warm-water vibrating foot bath for 15 to 20 minutes dilates blood vessels and increases circulation in the affected area. The pain relief is temporary, but reliable.  You can soak your feet as often as you wish.  For discomfort in other parts of the body, you can get a similar relief from a whirlpool bath or a pulsating shower-head.  Some people with neuropathy are unable to sense temperatures and can burn the feet in too-hot water. Test the temperature first or have someone else test it.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS): This device delivers low levels of electric current to the surface of the skin.  It’s thought that the current stimulates nerves and sends signals to the brain that block the discomfort from the damaged nerves.  How well do the devices work??  Research is mixed .  A study of TENS in patients with diabetic neuropathies found that the treatment led to a decrease in pain scores. Other studies, have shown little or no benefit.  Treatments are 20 to 30 minutes  long and can be repeated as needed throughout the day

My advice:  If you want to try a TENS at home, see a physical therapist, they can suggest appropriate settings, and the amount of time for the treatment

Self-massage: Firmly rubbing  and/or kneading the uncomfortable area is another way to block pain signals.  MY ADVICE consider having a massage therapist instruct you, so you are applying enough pressure to stimulate the big nerves that carry the pressure sensations.  A too-light touch will not be helpful.  If you have a history of deep vein thrombosis, ask the doctor before massaging your legs.

Relaxation techniques:  Stress and anxiety do not cause neuropathy, but patients who are tense may feel pain more intensely.  A study found that patients with chronic pain who completed a mindfulness/stress reduction  program reported significantly less pain.. the improvement lasted up to 3 years.  Meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques  could be helpful and worthwhile investigating.