(article from Bottom line health)

New research drives home the startling fact that opioids…once introduced…are habit forming.  A  2017 study involving 1.3 million non-cancer patients showed that 12% of people prescribed an initial six-day supply of opioid painkillers were still taking the drug a year later.  The odds doubled to 24% if a 12 day supply was prescribed.  When a month-long course of opioid medication was prescribed, 30 % were still taking them a year later. It is surprisingly easy for a person to inadvertently become dependent on these drugs…or even addicted.

  1. As time passes, do you find yourself needing to increase the frequency    or dose of your medication?
  2. Are you increasingly preoccupied by thoughts of taking the painkiller between doses??
  3. Are you experiencing mood changes or changes on your motivation level??
  4. Are you experiencing new sleep disturbances, such as the inability to stay asleep??
  5. Are you noticing problems with your ability to think, concentrate or remember things??
  6. Have you gone to another doctor because the first would not renew your prescription for more medication or increase your dose.
  7. Have you ever lied to anyone about how much medication you are actually taking.
  8. Have you ever run out of a prescription before you were supposed to because you used more than was prescribed.

( The more questions you answer “yes” the greater the odds you have a potential problem and should see a medical professional )

No one wants to be labeled a “addict”, but fear of that diagnosis should not keep you from seeking expert help.

To find an addiction specialist consult the American Society of Addiction Medicine at  ASAM.org.