If you are skeptical that group workouts could offer  more intense and beneficial health benefits, there is considerable research linked to added benefits.

According to research published in International Journal of Sport and Exercise theorized that physically syncing up with others  stimulates a release of feel-good endorphins. 

Also, the same researchers compared the benefits of home workouts, standard exercise classes and true group classes.  The results revealed true group classes were the most beneficial… because people stick with exercise longer when they are working out in those groups.  Solo exercise at home ranked last.

A true group class is one  where the instructor takes steps to promote bonding among participants and a collective goal.

The special ingredient seems to be the bonding that takes place in these classes.  Feeling like you belong  to a group is a very basic human need..one the research has linked with improved health and longevity…especially as one ages.

Research conducted at Kansas State University found when you exercise with people you perceive as stronger than yourself, inspires  exercisers to workout  nearly 200% longer and harder than working alone.

A study published in Health Psychology found that being in a class with other people your own age improves chances you will stick with your exercise plan…more so than being among classmates of the same gender.

Find an instructor you love.  If you feel inspired and challenged by the instructor, the rest of the class likely feels the same way.  This creates a sense of connection among participants.