Cut the workout time and get the same benefits

Researchers have discovered that with high intensity interval training (HIIT), you can obtain significant health benefits even faster than previously thought.

In a 21016 study, researchers at McMaster University compared two training protocols in sedentary men. One group followed standard exercise guidelines..they rode exercise bikes at a moderate pace for 45 minutes, three days a week. The second group did a special HIIT workout – a 20 second all-out, hard sprint…followed by two minutes of slow cycling..repeated twice more for a total of three sprint-rest cycles. Add in a few minutes for a warm-up and cooldown for a workout about 10 minutes.

RESULTS: After 12 weeks, men in both exercise groups showed similar improvements in insulin sensitivity( the body’s mechanism for regulating blood sugar) and cardiorespiratory fitness. All men also developed stronger muscles..

BOTTOM LINE: Men who followed the 10-minute HIIT workout three times weekly had the same health benefits as men who did traditional exercise for 45 minutes three times weekly.

Even though an HIIT workout is designed to push exercisers out of their comfort zones, you can adapt it to suit your preferences in a less strenuous way. All that is required are bursts of exercise followed by lower-intensity activity.

Do you like walking? You can do 30-second fast walks. Start slowly, then push yourself to 70% of your upper limit-breathing hard, but not gasping for air. Then slow down for a few minutes. Alternate fast/slow for up to 30 minutes (with a short cool down at the end) three or more times a week. Obtain an all-clear from your doctor first, have them tell you what your maximum heart rate should be at 70-80% of maximum heart rate.
Those healthy and fit. Warm-up for 3 minutes with low-intensity exercise. THEN: blast through 20 seconds of an all-out sprint/fast walking(or bike, swim,etc) Recover with light activity for two minutes. Repeat the cycle for 3 sprints.. End with 2 minute cool down of light activity.